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  • Heidi Pitlor: The Birthdays

    Heidi Pitlor: The Birthdays
    I'm loving this story about 3 siblings who gather to celebrate their dad's 75th birthday. It's frightening how many similarities there are with the Millers in the novel, and the Denise real-life siblings.

  • Susan Choi: American Woman

    Susan Choi: American Woman
    I'm reading this because I saw it on SuperSpecialK's bookshelf once and she told me I should read it. I'm having a bit of a hard time getting into it, but I think I'm supposed to.

  • Ayelet Waldman: Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

    Ayelet Waldman: Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
    Maybe it's because I like this author's husband's writing so much--but I've lapped up both of Ayelet Waldman's novels eagerly.

  • Martha Sherrill: The Ruins of California

    Martha Sherrill: The Ruins of California
    I loved this book, and burned through it in a day. A good read for many reasons, but particularly if you have a soft spot for San Francisco or California in general.

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October 15, 2006



America's Test Kitchen! Remember when we would call each other on Sat/Sun late mornings and watch episodes together over the phone?!


I agree, Denise. Nigella, that daffy, zaftig British gal, just has to make us feel inferior. That's ever so British. Just cook, bey-otch. We have eyes.


Kera, Those were the days. I hate that we are on different time zones. I especially miss the time that we were laid off and I decided to teach myself to cook with the ATK book!

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