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  • Heidi Pitlor: The Birthdays

    Heidi Pitlor: The Birthdays
    I'm loving this story about 3 siblings who gather to celebrate their dad's 75th birthday. It's frightening how many similarities there are with the Millers in the novel, and the Denise real-life siblings.

  • Susan Choi: American Woman

    Susan Choi: American Woman
    I'm reading this because I saw it on SuperSpecialK's bookshelf once and she told me I should read it. I'm having a bit of a hard time getting into it, but I think I'm supposed to.

  • Ayelet Waldman: Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

    Ayelet Waldman: Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
    Maybe it's because I like this author's husband's writing so much--but I've lapped up both of Ayelet Waldman's novels eagerly.

  • Martha Sherrill: The Ruins of California

    Martha Sherrill: The Ruins of California
    I loved this book, and burned through it in a day. A good read for many reasons, but particularly if you have a soft spot for San Francisco or California in general.

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October 15, 2006



I, too, am a Laura devotee and (although I hate to sound like my beloved Tim lest I be deemed to mock him) think that she has the most "mature" and fully-actualized design aesthetic, so I'd LOVE it if she won. I fear, however, that the odious Jeffrey will get the "maverick" vote or some such nonsense and walk away with the prize and recognition of which he is utterly unworthy.


Gals, I'm with you. I also like Laura's style aesthetic. However, you would have to clean up turtle poop and sleep with the mad scientist (obviously more than once). Is an ostrich trimmed lace cocktail dress worth it? One to mull over.
There was a poll in NY Magazine this week with from famous designers who witnessed the PR runway show. With the exception of one vote for Jeffrey, most of them threw the win to Uli. Oh, Michael, why did you choke on us, honey? It was yours, baby. YOURS!!


Oh. My. G-d.
I just cannot believe it. I won't spoil it for the people who Tivo'ed or were under a rock, but CAN YOU FREAKIN' BELIEVE WHO WON?!?!?!

Amen, Marcy, on Michael's choking -- what the Christina-Aguilera-on-a-BAD-day was he thinkin'?!?!

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