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this was my 9th thanksgiving turkey since 1997, and this is the FIRST year it was not stressful. (oh wait, 8th. i didn't cook the year the Wee One was born.)

i have always done the straightforward turkey and focused on the sides, and by 'focus' i mean 'stop taking my ocd meds and agonize right up until and through dinner and dessert, driving myself and everyone around me insane.'

i have nothing near the culinary talent you do, but every year i would try to avoid the ordinary, to spice up the traditional, etc.

there was the year with the complicated gravy. the year with the two varieties of pumpkin pie. the year with the TWO MENUS so mom would have her favorites and i would have my favorites. THAT was insane.

this year it was turkey, mashed potatoes (definitely do the ricer. best texture ever), green beans with carmelized shallots (ina garten), cornbread apple sausage stuffing, coleslaw (my mom has to have it), cranberry sauce, yams (done last-minute because we suddenly decided we wanted some) and bread. and pies. lots of pies. and birthday cake, because the Wee One's b'day was Weds.

and, uh, yeah, i wrote a book on your blog. sorry.

(and as a south african, and with a canadian significant other, why on earth were you cooking t'giving in the first place?)


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